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Rules and Regulations


•  All campers and visitors must stop by the the office to register before entering the campground.
•  Campground speed limit is 5mph!!! Also stop at all stop signs, Children are everywhere.
•  No crossing through others sites.
•  No fireworks, firearms, or weapons are allowed on the premises unless otherwise approved by management.
•  Quiet time is 10pm-8am. Campground is patrolled throughout the night.


•  Check-in time is from 1pm to 7pm.
•  Anyone checking in after 7pm must get permission from management.
•  Anyone making a reservation with a card must have the cardholder sign a receipt.
•  When checking in an ID must be presented.
•  Everyone for the site must present themselves for check-in.


•  Check-out time is 12pm.
•  If not gone by this time you will be charged another night.
•  All campers must checkout at office before leaving.
•  All sites must be inspected by management before leaving.
•  All sites must be left in a clean condition.


•  All deposits are returned in the manner they were paid.
•  Gate card $10 per card.
•  Cable box $25.


•  Visitors MUST stop by office and pay the visitor fee to enter the campground.
•  Visitors are anyone other the two adult, and two children allotted to a site.
•  Visitor Fee: $6/day $10/overnight or past 8pm.
•  Visitors who are stopping by for less than 10mins must leave Id with office.
•  If site already has two vehicles visitors must park in visitor parking in front of campground.

Gate Cards

•  Gate cards require a $10 deposit per card.  Maximum 2 cards per site.
•  Gate cards are inactive for 5 minutes after use. (No passing cards to another vehicle.)


•  All dogs must be on a leash all the time (No exceptions).
•  Dogs feces are to be cleaned up immediately or you will be asked to leave.
•  Anyone with a dog must have proper cleanup materials with them.
•  Visitors pets are not allowed.
•  If your dog creates a noise nuisance or is a threat to anyone the dog must leave the property immediately.
•  You must have proof of Rabies vaccination.


•  Parents are responsible for their kids safety and must watch them.
•  Bicycles are permitted but must be rode safely and no riding after dusk.
•  Children under 6 must be accompanied by adults.
•  Children under 16 must be on their site by 10pm.
•  No children under 14 in store without an adult.

Pool and Pond

•  Swim at own risk.
•  No diving in pool.
•  Children must be supervised by a parent.
•  No pets at pool or in pond.
•  No bottles near pool or pond.
•  No swimming in pond.
•  No boats.


•  Alcohol is allowed but must be kept on your site.
•  Any issues with alcohol will be dealt with swiftly.
•  NO alcohol at the pool!!!!


•  Fires are permitted only in provided fire rings.
•  Flames must not exceed 18 and must be attended at all times.
•  Additional limits will apply during Red Flag Warnings.
•  Do not move fire rings.


•  NO outside wood allowed (any wood brought to the campground will be confiscated).
•  We sell wood that's from in state to prevent disease and insects from spreading.

Vehicles and Campers

•  Any tow vehicles must be kept fully on own site.
•  Tents allowed next to RV as long as on own site.
•  Two vehicles per site.
•  No parking in other sites even if empty.
•  All vehicles must have campground placard on mirror.
•  Washing and working on vehicles in the campground is strictly prohibited.
•  No Atvs, dirtbikes, or OHRVs allowed to be operated on property.
•  Golf carts okay but must be checked in at office.
•  No vehicles with excessive noise, i.e. loud exhaust noise, engine, etc.


•  The dumpster located next to the exit is for household trash only!
•  No tires, electronics, TV's, batteries, etc. allowed. (Strictly enforced.)
•  All garbage must be placed in bags in dumpster.
•  Do not place trash next to dumpster if full, wait!
•  Cans can be bagged separately and placed in trailer to left of dumpsters.


•  Water and Sewer must be hooked up by maintenance only and are not to be touched or disconnected by anyone else!
•  If you need to be connected or disconnected let the office know.
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